"Michael Lederer is a true archeologist among the great American writers" – Die Welt

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On 2 May 2018, the American Studies Journal published this article.

March 2018, Leipzig Book Fair, the U.S. Embassy presents a reading of DONKEY HOTEY SAVING AMERICA


8 November 2017, the American Studies Journal published Michael’s "Dispatch from Spain’s Cold War" entitled: LOVE NO MORE? CATALONIA AND SPAIN

November 2017, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg presents a reading of Lederer’s novel-STILL-in-progress, DONKEY HOTEY SAVING AMERICA

Michael’s article, Berlin Is No Longer An Island was published by POLITICO on December 21, 2016, in the aftermath of the Christmas market tragedy two days earlier.

Michael’s other articles for the AMERICAN STUDIES JOURNAL

Lederer’s book IN THE WIDDLE WAT OF TIME, a collection of poems and very short stories, was published by PalmArtPress in Berlin in 2016. He discusses the book in this interview with NPR Berlin.

     God bless America and everywhere else

     All you need is love
     And water

In January 2015, Michael published a blog for the ASJ about his novel-in-progress DON QUIXOTE SAVING AMERICA.

“The book is the story of an insanely optimistic older man named Don Hotey, who picks up a handsome 20-year-old hitchhiker he insists on calling Sancho, and together they set out in an old car to get America back on its feet. Mixed success.”

As of January 2017, DQSA the novel is still a book-in-progress, though Lederer has just completed a screenplay based on the story.

Lederer discusses Don Quixote Saving America, his other books, and his life in this October 2014 interview with Deutsche Welle television:

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Michael's novel CADAQUES was published in Berlin by PalmArtPress in February 2014, in both English and German editions.

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Cadaqués is the story of a group of hard-drinking writers and artists in a little fishing village near the Spanish / French border. Cal is an American writer who drinks more than he writes. Layla is a beautiful young English woman interested in literature. One can be too careful in life, or one can be too wild. Where is the line? Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Picasso and other greats once lived in the village. Some still seek to follow in those decadent footsteps. As one character puts it, "No Lost Generation here, darling. This is Cadaqués. We are finding ourselves!"

Cadaqués was presented as part of the U.S. Embassy American Literature Series 2014. Embassy-sponsored readings took place in Leipzig, Hamburg, Kiel, Berlin, Freiburg, Heidelberg.

Hear the 9 January radio interview with Michael about the book on the British program Chat and Spin here: chatandspinradio.com

"With literary ferocity, Michael Lederer tells the story of a summer that begins in exceedingly good spirits, but ends with a long fall....Cadaqués is a wonderful novel that masterfully upholds a balance between melancholy and joy. With deep empathy for the artistic endeavors or individual failures of its characters, the novel describes a summer that, as its participants must know, is to be the last of its kind." - InKultura magazine

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