In the Widdle Wat of Time

(Berlin: PalmArtPress, 2016) A collection of poems and very short stories. From the smallest poem in the world, In the Beginning, to the more epic Atop the Lofty Height of Now, the collection includes sonnets, haiku, and other forms of poetry. There are 38 very short stories. Also included here are four brief excerpts from Michael’s novel-in-progress, Don Quixote Saving America.



(Berlin: PalmArt Press, 2014) Cal is an American writer who drinks more than he writes. Layla is a beautiful young English woman interested in literature. One can be too careful in life, or one can be too wild. Where is the line? In this small fishing village near the Spanish / French border, where once lived Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Picasso, and other greats, a new generation of artists and writers continue in those decadent footsteps. As one character puts it, "No Lost Generation here, darling. This is Cadaqués. We are finding ourselves!"


The Great Game. Berlin-Warsaw Express and Other Stories

(Berlin: PalmArt Press, 2012) A collection of 18 short stories. The American West is supposed to be wild compared to the East. In Europe, it is the other way around. Lederer has lived in and writes about each of these places. He finds the differences are not as convenient as the myths. A hitchhiking trip across America. A drunk horse in California. A train from Berlin to Warsaw. Powerlessness among the rich. Innocence in New York City. Home. These are some of the themes explored in this book. Also available from the same publisher in German translation as Das grosse Spiel. Berlin-Warschau-Express und andere Geschichten. www.palmartpress.com
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Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore

(Barcelona: Parsifal Ediciones, 1999 / Berlin: PalmArtPress, 2013)

The story of a family living on a small farm on the coast in southern Spain. After a wealthy real estate developer offers to buy their land, the family must decide whether to accept that offer and transition to a more modern life, or remain in the traditional setting that has been their home for generations. Also available in Spanish translation a Ya nada dura eternamente, and in German as Nichts ist mehr für die Ewigkeit.

Einblattdrucke #20, #29, #75

(Berlin: PalmArt Press, 2011-13) A tri-lingual edition (English, German, Croatian) of Lederer's sonnets. Croatian translations by Mate Maras. www.palmartpress.com
And the short stories, Objects In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, and Fuck It.


Mundo Overloadus

Lederer's first full-length play was produced at PS122 in New York's East Village in 2010. www.mundooverloadus.com
Michael’s December 21, 2016 article for Politico can be found here.

Michael’s blogs for the American Studies Journal can be found here.

Books edited:

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Lederer, M. and Wolanska, J. (eds.) (2006) Gordon-Smith, Maria. Pillement. Krakow: IRSA